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Mark Radcliffe Urges Men to #SpeakOut

Head and Neck Cancer

Following his diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancer, BBC radio broadcaster Mark Radcliffe is helping North West Cancer Research (NWCR) to raise awareness of the disease.

The 60-year-old presenter from Bolton, was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue and lymph nodes in August 2018, after discovering a lump on his neck when he shaved his beard, following four weeks of growth.

Mark consulted his GP straight away who referred him for testing and a CT scan which showed cancerous tumours in his lymph nodes and mouth.

Just six weeks after diagnosis, Mark underwent surgery at Wythenshawe Hospital to remove the tumours from his neck and mouth, which was followed by an intensive six-week course of radiotherapy and two rounds of chemotherapy.

Mark returned to his BBC Radio 6 Weekend Breakfast show with Stuart Maconie in January and received the news that his cancer was in remission in March 2018.

But his intensive treatment has still left its mark on the presenter, who has suffered damage to his taste buds and saliva glands resulting in a chronic dry throat and the loss of taste. This means that Mark still experiences throat exhaustion leading to difficulty swallowing.

Mark said: “Before my diagnosis, I had no real knowledge of head and neck cancer or its symptoms. I feel incredibly lucky that I was diagnosed and treated so quickly, if I had waited any longer before visiting my GP, the outcome could have been very different.

“Following the operation to remove the tumours, I was in agony and it took me hours to eat and keep food down. The chemotherapy left me sick and exhausted, but it was all worth it to receive the news that I am now in remission.”

Mark has shown support for North West Cancer Research’s head and neck cancer awareness campaign #SpeakOut, acting as an ambassador to raise awareness of symptoms amongst men, who are three times more likely to be diagnosed with this type of cancer.

Mark added: “I am sharing my story as part of the #SpeakOut campaign to raise awareness of the symptoms of the disease. In the North West, head and neck cancers are one the biggest cancer killers. I would urge anyone with any concerns to visit their GP or dentist, noticing early cancer warning signs could be potentially lifesaving.”

To find out more about the symptoms of head and neck cancer and support North West Cancer Research’s #SpeakOut campaign click here.

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