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Head & Neck Campaign

In the North West around 1,100 people a year are diagnosed with head and neck cancer – one of the worst rates in the UK. Men are three times more likely to be diagnosed with head and neck cancer than women.

North West Cancer Research teamed up with a host of local celebrities to highlight the early symptoms of the disease in a bid to encourage men to be more vigilant and to visit their GP.

The 2019 #SPEAKOUT campaign saw well-known names such as Mark Radcliffe, Graeme Sharp, Dave Spikey and John Parrott feature in an informative video that was shared across social media platforms during the campaign. 


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Head & Neck Cancer

About Head & Neck Cancer

Around 12,000 new cases of head and neck cancer are diagnosed in the UK each year. Read about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment here.

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The Facts

Know the signs and symptoms of head and neck cancer, learn the facts and share with your friends on social media.


Mark Radcliffe

Following his diagnosis and treatment of the disease, BBC radio broadcaster Mark Radcliffe has urged men to #SpeakOut

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Survivor Stories

Ben's Story

Equestrian champion urges men to #SpeakOut against head and neck cancer symptoms after sharing his own cancer diagnosis.

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Chris' Story

‘I thought my sore throat was just swollen glands, but it turned out to be throat cancer’ – cancer survivor from Blackpool #SpeaksOut

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Ed's Story

‘I had no idea the lump in my neck was mouth cancer’ – cancer survivor from Liverpool #SpeaksOut

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