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Our 2020 regional report found that Gwynedd has the lowest recorded cancer incidence rate of all the North Wales counties.

Top 5 Areas of Need 

    1. Patterns of cervical cancer were 93% higher in Gwynedd than the rest of the country
    2. Also of concern is oesophageal cancer, with rates 65% higher in Gwynedd than the rest of Wales
    3. People in Gwynedd also demonstrated a 41% higher incidence rate of colorectal cancer
    4. Incidences of larynx cancer were 62% higher than the average for Wales
    5. Average prostate cancer rates were 31% higher than the national average


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Cancer in Gwynedd

Of the counties surveyed, Gwynedd has the highest percentage of people aged 18 to 34 at 23%, while 34% of Gwynedd’s population is over 55, and 10% are over 75.


27% of people living in Gwynedd are unemployed or in semi-skilled or unskilled manual occupations. Half the population is employed in supervisory or clerical roles or are skilled manual labourers.


While the county reports fewer cancers than many of its neighbours, some key diseases have a disproportionately high incidence rate and a significant disease burden.


While cervical cancer is not one of North Wales’ most common cancers, Gwynedd has a significantly higher cervical cancer rate than any other county. Its rate is 93% higher than the rest of Wales.


Like many other North Wales counties, Gwynedd faces high levels of oesophageal cancer, with incidence rates 65% higher than the Welsh average, the highest incidence rate for this key cancer across the region.


In our full report, you can learn more about our research into cancer incidence rates across the North West and North Wales.

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