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Our 2022 regional report highlights key patterns of cancer across the North West. We found the highest cancer incidence rate in Conwy across all six North Wales counties.

Top 5 Areas of Need 

    1. Our research found that Conwy ranked higher than the Welsh average for 25 of the 37 cancers referenced
    2. Bladder cancer rates in Conwy were 76% higher than the national average
    3. Meanwhile, testicular cancer also over-indexed, at 73% higher than the national average
    4. Incidences of acute myeloid leukaemia are 67% higher in Conwy than the rest of Wales
    5. Conwy also recorded highly for melanoma, with an average rate 54% higher than the rest of Wales


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Cancer in Conwy

Conwy is the county with the oldest population surveyed, with 13% of its residents over 75. This also boosts its population of over 55s to 41% - the highest proportion of this age group in North Wales.


Conwy has one of the region's smallest populations of 18 to 34-year-olds at 16%. 


Conwy's population includes a high proportion (29%) of residents in supervisory, clerical and administrative roles. The county also has many residents who are unemployed or in semi-skilled or unskilled manual positions – with 28% of people falling into this category.


The county over-indexes on 25 out of the 37 key cancers surveyed. Although the county does not have the highest overall incidence rate, there are many cancers where it over-indexes significantly. For example, bladder cancer rates in Conwy are exceptionally high, with an average rate 76% higher than the national average.


Conwy is also one of three North Wales counties that over-index for testicular cancer, with rates 73% higher than the national average.


In our full report, you can learn more about our research into cancer incidence rates across the North West and North Wales.

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