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Today, more people than ever survive cancer and live full, healthy lives. Whilst this is promising progress, at North West Cancer Research, we want to make cancer survival possible for everyone.


But this goal can only be achieved through research.

That’s why, with your support, we currently fund more than 50 world-class cancer research projects across the North West and North Wales.

Research that lets us understand and prevent the most common cancers in our region.

Research that helps people like you and your loved ones.

As proud Association of Medical Research Charities members, we fund only the highest quality projects.

By adhering to AMRC processes and guidance, you can rest assured that our funding is transparent and the management of our research priorities rigorous.

Read on to learn more about our projects and their positive impact on our region.

Together we will find the cure.


It’s no exaggeration to say that our team of dedicated and talented researchers are life savers.

From vital studies to ground-breaking research projects, they help us discover better, kinder treatments which pave the way for a cancer-free future.

Learn more about their roles and how their vital work helps people in the North West and North Wales.

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Impact of cancer diagnosis on care givers

A team of North West Cancer Research-funded researchers is exploring the psychological impact of cancer diagnoses on informal caregivers.

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Funded team advancing cancer treatments

A North West Cancer Research-funded team of researchers, based across the region, have identified a new protein in cancer cells which could lead to improved treatments for head and neck cancer and ovarian cancer patients.

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North West Cancer Research and Oracle Cancer Trust Partnership

A group of leading researchers are set to investigate why people living in the North West have some of the worst survival rates of Head and Neck cancers, compared with the rest of the country.

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Mesothelioma UK Partnership

North West Cancer Research has partnered with Mesothelioma UK to jointly fund a research study into new clinical treatments for the pleural form of asbestos-related cancer, mesothelioma.

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Funded team advancing pancreatic cancer treatments

A team of scientists, funded by North West Cancer Research are seeking to better understand treatment resistance in pancreatic cancer.

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Collaboration with the Eve Appeal

We are delighted to announce that North West Cancer Research, together with The Eve Appeal, will be awarding a three-year Fellowship to Dr Kelechi Njoku, from the University of Manchester, to develop a simpler and kinder test for detecting womb cancer.

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Head and Neck Radiotherapy

Dr Gabrielle Grundy, the NWCR Research Fellow at University of Liverpool, is researching the mechanisms of resistance to radiotherapy in head and neck cancers.

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Lung Cancer National Screening Programme

Blackpool has recently been selected by NHS England as one of the first sites to develop the new proposed National Screening Programme for Lung Cancer.

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£1.5million investment to transform Primary Care into Centres of Excellence

Cancer Research Wales, in collaboration with North West Cancer Research, is proud to announce £1.5 million funding for the ThinkCancer! programme.

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