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North Wales

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North West Cancer Research Fellowship

Dr Rita Cha          £313,935 / five years 


Molecular basis of ATM/ATR target specificity

Dr Rita Cha          £187,712 / three years 


The role of RadIP, a novel DNA repair factor, in the DNA response to cancer therapy

Dr Staples          £184,744 / three years 


Involvement of Mec1ATM/ATR in mitochondrial DNA replication and its implications in cancer cell

Dr Rita Cha        £199,794 / three years 


Autophagy dependent survival following Mec1ATM/ATR inactivation

Dr Rita Cha        £196,116 /  three years 


KESS2 Studentship funding

Funding for four MRes students for 2018/19 along with two PhD students   £97,500


Patient centred benefit-risk assessment of treatment for colorectal liver metastases in North West
England and North Wales

Dr Emily Holmes, Prof Simon Gollins, Mr Stephen Fenwick, Mrs Louise Jones, Prof Dyfrig Hughes   £67,301 / one year