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Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester appears to have the lowest overall cancer incidence rates in the North West according to our January 2020 regional report, along with the lowest numbers of cancers recorded.

Top 5 Areas of Need 

  1. Greater Manchester has a 28% higher incidence rate liver cancer than the rest of England
  2. The rate of lung, trachea and bronchus cancers in Greater Manchester are high too with the cancer 24% higher than the national average
  3. Head and neck cancers are of particular concern for the region too with Greater Manchester seeing rates 16% higher than the rest of England
  4. Incidences of ovarian cancer are 7% higher in Greater Manchester than the national average
  5. Rates of stomach cancer are also particularly higher in Greater Manchester, showing as 6% higher than England’s average


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Cancer in Greater Manchester

Perhaps due to its position as an urban conurbation, Greater Manchester is the only county in the region to under-index on incidences of skin melanoma. The county also has the lowest rates in the region for testicular cancer, and is the only county surveyed that is in line with the national average rate for oesophageal cancer.

Although rates are broadly positive, the county still records rates of liver cancer that are significantly higher than the national average at 28%. Lung, trachea and bronchus cancer rates are also significantly higher than the rest of England, and head and neck cancer are 16% higher than the national average.


Find out more about our research into cancer incidence rates across the North West and North Wales via our full report.

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