North Wales

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Functions of mismatch repair proteins in the cellular response to nucleoside analogues

Dr Fleck £164,190 / three years


North West Cancer Research Fellowship

Dr Cha £313,935 / five years


Molecular basis of ATM/ATR target specificity

Dr Cha £181,712 / three years


The role of RadIP, a novel DNA repair factor, in the DNA response to cancer therapy

Dr Staples £184,744 / three years


Involvement of Mec1ATM/ATR in mitochondrial DNA replication and its implications in cancer cell metabolism

Dr Cha £199,794 / three years


Bangor structural development funding

This programme provides funding for the appointment of a Clinical Chair of Cancer Research at Bangor University, along with a lecturer, post-doctoral lab manager, and two PhD students. This will be for five years with around 30% of the funding being provided by the Betsy Cadwaladr Health Board.

£1,348,609 / 5 years