Lancashire & Cumbria

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Genome wide screening for modifiers of TopBP1 replication and checkpoint functions
Dr Price £103,365 / three years

Analysis of the role of ubiquitylation of Ciz1 in regulation of DNA replication and cell division
Dr Copeland £123,121 / three years

Summer Studentships at the Division of Biomedical and Life Sciences
Dr Ginger £15,600 / two years

Development of mouse tail skin as a translational preclinical model for UV exposure and early melanomagenesis
Dr Mort, Dr Allison £251,263 / three years

How does p53 link DNA damage signalling to innate immunity?
Dr Unterholzner £203,400 / three years


Funding for a Lecturer and Fellow in cancer research with PhD students

The funding provides support for the appointment of a lecturer in cancer research, along with a Fellow, two PhD students and lab-costs for five years. It has been match-funded by Lancaster University.
£441,296 / five years