Putting our region's cancer needs first

Our Strategy

In April 2017, our Trustees agreed a new strategy that would help realise our mission of achieving ‘a cancer-free future for all.’ The strategy provides a clear pathway to deliver on our mission and gives a focus to our funding and operational activities.

researcher in lab

The North West Cancer Research strategy has a number of key strands:

Understanding the prevalence of cancer in our region

The North-West of England and North-Wales has some of the highest cancer rates in the UK and in Western Europe. For every individual who has cancer, there are many others around them that are impacted. We want to understand how cancer impacts individuals, families and communities.


Understanding the factors which cause cancer and cancer inequalities

If we understand the causes of particular cancers, the environmental, life-style and other issues which make them more common we will be able to provide excellent information to those involved with health promotion and disease prevention to help them to create a healthier population in the region.


Improving and increasing treatment options

When an individual is diagnosed with cancer it is important that they receive the best and most effective treatment as soon as possible. There is a significant body of research which points to early treatment increasing the chances of surviving cancer and reducing the risk of the disease spreading in the body.


Supporting basic science research which will impact on the people of our region

Scientific research improves our understanding of how cells live, function and multiply, it is the study of the most basic building blocks of human life. If we understand this, then we will be closer to understanding much of the basic function of cancer as a disease. We will understand how it multiplies and what causes otherwise healthy cells to become tumours.

As a Charity which is based in and raises its funds from the North-West of England and North Wales, we want to ensure that our research is targeted at those cancers which have the greatest effect in our region.


Building the capacity of the academic institutions in the region to carry out research

A strong economic and academic environment is of benefit to the entire region. We can play our part by investing in local institutions to help them build capacity and develop the experienced staff and the teams needed to carry out world-class research. Our investment also attracts further funding national government and other third sector funders.


Funding future research

A researcher isn’t born, they are educated, inspired and developed by academic institutions and experienced researchers in order to gain the skills they need. We want our region to continue to develop new young researchers and to help them to build a career which benefits the North-West of England and North Wales.

North West Cancer Research considers how its funding will be allocated against research priorities on an annual basis and also publishes an Annual Research Strategy to put these into effect.