Richard Cassidy

Richard Cassidy has been a long-term supporter of North West Cancer Research.

But the Liverpool dad-of-two’s recent skin cancer diagnosis, and his successful treatment, has strengthened his determination to raise awareness of the condition and support the charity’s lifesaving scientific research.

“When people find themselves in the situation I was in, it gives them a different outlook on life,” said Richard (46), who was found to have superficial spreading malignant melanoma after consulting his GP about a growing mole on his chest.

“Being told I had cancer wasn’t the problem,” explained Richard. “Telling the people who are close to me was the tough part.”

Richard underwent surgery to cut out the cancer-affected areas and remove lymph nodes.

Thankfully, he’s been given the all-clear for now. But he’s still doing all he can to reinforce the message that early diagnosis makes all the difference, and to boost NWCR’s ongoing programme of high-quality, effective research.

“I’ve supported NWCR in the past through sponsorship, raffles and that sort of thing – and I’ll continue to offer support in any way I can,” he said.

“I like what NWCR does. A lot of their research is foundation-level, which is so important.

“Because much of the research they pay for is so fundamental, a lot of the more well-known charities wouldn’t have the groundwork they need to develop future treatments.

“I’ve been very lucky so far, but there are a lot of people out there who have not been so lucky. So I’m happy to support NWCR and help raise awareness. Education is really what it’s all about.”

If, like Richard, you’d like to help North West Cancer Research by donating, fundraising or volunteering some of your time, please call Bobby on 0151 709 2919 or email





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