The Pledge

Protect your workers and sign up to the #suncreamselfie outdoor workers pledge

Studies show that people who work outdoors are twice as likely as those with an indoor job to be diagnosed with skin cancer.

We’ve teamed up with Public Health Liverpool to encourage employers across Liverpool and the North West to sign up to the #suncreamselfie Outdoor Workers Pledge, which will educate workers on the importance of sun safety.

What can you do?

As an employer of outdoor workers, you are in a position to help educate your workforce and ensure they are protected from overexposure to harmful UV rays, which can lead to skin cancer.

We’ve created a toolkit for employers, which gives advice on reducing the health risks for your employees when they are working in the sun.

It includes guidance and training to increase awareness in the work place, as well as steps you can take to ensure workers have access to adequate sun protection. The tool kit will also provide posters, team briefings and a handy wallet-size symptoms card.

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As an employer there are some simple actions you can take already:

  • ✓ Provide sun protection training for workers.
  • ✓ Advise workers to wear sun cream of SPF15 or above.
  • ✓ Keep workers informed of the dangers of overexposure to UV rays.
  • ✓ Encourage workers to check their skin regularly for any unusual moles or spots and visit their GP if they are concerned.

How do I get involved?

Download your copy of the sun safety toolkit and find out more about signing up to the
Outdoor Workers Pledge.



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