Can charitable giving help your business?

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Your workplace can help stop cancer sooner by supporting our life-saving cancer research projects today.

Companies and workforces often want to put their skills and enthusiasm to good use outside the workplace. There are many benefits to supporting a charity including:

  • It’s good fun for individuals
  • Is great for staff morale
  • It builds teamwork
  • It’s a great reflection on your company

But why should your company choose to support North West Cancer Research?

Our research is world-class

Our research projects are saving lives by making real scientific breakthroughs that will benefit people today, and for generations to come.

All projects are internationally scrutinised to ensure our research competes globally. We promise that any money you donate to North West Cancer Research will go towards research that really makes a difference.

We’re local

Money that’s donated to North West Cancer Research stays in the North West of England and North Wales. That means that the research we fund fights the cancers that affect us locally. So no matter how large or small your company is you can help make a real difference right here on your doorstep.

We’re well connected

We have three university partners at:

  • Bangor University,
  • Lancaster University and
  • The University of Liverpool.

This means that by working closely with our university partners we’re able to find the best facilities for our life-saving research. It also means that we don’t have to pay any costly overheads; meaning more of your money goes towards fighting cancer.

Liverpool-based Cargill PLC recently made a donation towards our vital research projects as part of a company initiative to support local causes. Site administrator, David Liptrott shares why he thinks it’s important to engage with local charities.

David Liptrott: “As a global company which employs around 235 people in the Merseyside region, we recognise that our continued success depends on the growth and health of our communities. Which is why we have a long-standing history of supporting local causes.

Through our Cares Council, which meets throughout the year, we work with our employees to identify groups which would benefit from our support.

Most recently we provided a significant donation to Liverpool-based North West Cancer Research, after the charity was nominated by several of our staff to receive financial support.

This is a cause near to the hearts of so many of our employees, some of whom have lost family members to cancer.

By choosing North West Cancer Research, we have been able to contribute to life-saving research, which will help people right on our doorstep.

Our plants and offices are filled with people who want to make a difference in a variety of ways.

We encourage our employees to play a part in improving our community, because we recognise that the impact of our programmes and partnerships is multiplied by our employees.

We all volunteer in our communities through a wide range of activities and employee-led initiatives.

We are pleased to have been able to support North West Cancer Research on this occasion.

Some of the Cargill team were able to hear about some of the charity’s work and understand how our money will be spent and how research will help cancer patients in the future.”

Could your company help us create a cancer free future? There are many ways businesses can support our vital work, including through:

  • donations
  • ongoing activities
  • organising events
  • sponsored runs, walks and sky dives
  • making us your charity of the year

Let us know if you’d like to support our vital research by emailing us today. You can also find out more about corporate support and its benefits now. 

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